September 2021:

Now available with new formula: Tan of Oz Spray and Mousse

Maleeq Oz to his men’s line:

„Oz“ Men Elements

„Masculinity has always been my theme. Feminine elements like nail polish are not counterproductive, on the contrary, they show coolness and self-confidence. The newly developed „Oz Men Elements“ is a cosmeticline for men. Everyday life with family, job and oneself is beautiful, but also exhausting. The modern man lives in this responsibility, but must not forget one thing: himself.

„Oz“ Men Elements gives back the mysterious, the archaic, the natural to the man. His instinct…. and his inner balance.

Inspired by nature based on the primal elements of air, fire, water, earth, we have developed a high quality care line for men which revitalizes the center of a man : masculinity.

Masculinity is personality, is individuality, is charisma, we have symbols for the man which remind him of himself, of his strength, of his origin…. of his own life that shapes him …. and leads him back to his roots….

Oz Men Elements
Be your legend

Available : November 2021

June 2021