A product of today is not just about its function. It’s also about the context. We have therefore developed an „Oz“ script, a script that focusses on the different aspects of our products. The dramaturgy of the „Oz“ Script is therefore determined by each customer’s needs. One customer might be more interested in the environmental aspect, another in the function.

You might be a professional makeup artist who needs the best tanning product available for a photo shoot, a customer who wants to find a tanning product that actually benefits your skin or someone searching for the perfect present,

Our ‘OZ’ script has a good narrative and perfect reason for each customer. We are tath good. Really.

Our standards are high and we’re always thinking of ways to make our products better.

In case you find something you’re not happy with, some aspect we overlooked – just let us know. We will deal with it until you are satisfied. This is our ethical principal.

Tan of Oz Spray : our classic

Our tanning spray, Tan of Oz, was originally invented use by professional Makeup Artists around the world. They need the quick finishing GLOW for the actor before the next scene, the added kick for a model just before she shows her face to the whole world.

We figured, what professionals appreciate would also works in our world, the ‘real’ world. A quick burst in the morning before work, a tweak before your first date. Before an important job interview or simply after the night shift to make the past exhausting hours seem lighter.

Our tanning spray gives you the perfectly healthy looking, even and natural tan. Sure. But it adds just that little bit more: It adds the deep personal satisfaction of looking good. It gives you confidence. And that’s priceless. Ahh, and did we mention, that it also moisturizes your skin?