Does anyone need us

Our products are lifestyle and, if you´re really honest, unnecessary for our existence. We do not need another tan. This discussion is brought to us often enough. Everything leaves an environmental footprint, the necessary, the unnecessary, a Facebook post, a Google search. We can’t move within our world without harm, but we can try to keep harm to a minimum.

The people we work with, think like us. We want to build something in the certainty of doing the least harm to the environment. We want to be pioneers and role models for greater sensitivity to our living space. It’s not about tanning, it’s about being thoughtful, about enjoyment, while doing as little harm as possible.

Yes, we are needed.

More is (not) possible

We work exclusively with vegan ingredients and  we do not test on animals. Our atomizer uses compressed air, the can is made of recycled aluminum and our sleever is biodegradable.


after the first opening, the sleever may tear underneath the lid. The use of compressed air can cause a slight clogging up inside the atomizer. Just throw it into a glass of water after 3-4 applications.

We are aware that with some customers these ‘shortcomings’ may lead to conclusions about the quality of the content. We could change this. But only with a significantly worse CO2 balance. And that we wont´t do. We believe that these small imperfections are in the interest of the buyer and the environment. As long as the product itself is perfect.