Nice to meet you! We’re happy, you’re interested in our Oz products.


Maleeq Oz is an internationally renowned Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist and Beauty Consultant. He’s also a very well known Barber. So when it comes to the latest hair and beard styles, he’s the man to ask. At the moment we, the Oz Collective, are working on a new and exciting men’s line. It includes beauty products for beards, hair and skin. 

And we don’t just supply the products. Maleeq will support our customers with look books, style guides and tutorials to get the best out of the products. His unique experience and style delivered free to their screen.


More about Maleeq:


 Maleeq Oz – The Oz Collective (toc.zone)



Please watch the videos below. Maleeq talks about his brand „Oz“, the products and gives an outlook on the future of OZ.


More about „Oz“


Maleeq about Oz

Maleeq about Tan of Oz

How to

very fast Tutorial: Tan of Oz Spray instand use with the Brush

fast Tutorial: Cloud of Oz, use it with the Glove